Handle with Care


Falling into Decay  – on dislay at the Woodford Community Art Group until the end of November 2019.

Coastal Fragments – 2019 Finalist Moreton Bay Art Awards. 


Handle with Care

The below three works were first exhibited in a Group Exhibition at Hervey Bay Regional Gallery in 2016.  They were also exhibited in a further exhibition at Redclffe Old Firestation Gallery in 2017.

Broken, was a series of accidental happenings, keeping the broken pieces to add to the art work, over time it developed further with the addition of other small pieces  which had a connection to the art and the ocean.

Each piece had started out as a perfect clay form.  But each in turn had problems.  The pieces for Erosion 1, 2 and 3, had began to lean, due to the wetness of the clay.

I started carving Spirit which had been kept in a bag with a wet sponge, working on it when time allowed, but being time poor and wetting the sponge every now and then, unfortunately the bottom began to fold in on to its self I had to carve that section away.


I am drawn to the ocean.  I love to watch and listen to the roaring sound of waves lulling me to lose myself in dreams.  I enjoy exploring the beach, swimming, surfing, snorkeling and sailing.  The ocean however also has a darker, powerful side; it can erode and destroy as it unleashes its power. It is this power and energy that has inspired my latest body of work in ceramics.  Do you feel it…….



Spirit – Detail



Erosion 1 2 3 – The end result



The Handle with Care series began with three ceramic pieces inspired by the ocean.

However, they didn’t start out that way.  The art works were originally planned to be hand painted vases decorated with carved cherry blossoms and birds.   I began to carve out the pieces and kept the clay bagged and wet so I could work on them in my free time.   The clay became too wet and the bottom of the vases went out of proportion, and the vases developed a lean.  Not exactly what I had planned!